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Dont read if your just going to feel sorry for me! Thats not what the point is!

I dont understand anything. Everything is just coming down like a burning building.

You know when people tell you that you can get anything you want
You just have to run and get it.
Well im on overdrive
I run and try to grab it
Always miss.
The more i try the more i miss my chance.
Its right there.
Y cant i reach it.
Y am i going so fast.

I make mistakes
Im human just like the world
Doesnt feel like it.
It seems i have to be perfect to get out of this hole.
I keep digging
Hoping i do it right enough to get me out.
But one mistake gets me deeper then i am tall.
China her i come!

Y am i not good enough?
Y do i always have to prove to myself that i am worth something.
Y do i have to prove to everyone else im not a screw up!
I prove to them i can do!
Give me a chance!
I will throw it back in your face.
I will climb the highest mountain to prove im not weak! IM STRONG!!

Yet that will not be good enough!
I know people are worse off!
They are homeless, parent less, sometimes even disabled.
They manage and keep things positive.
You know what tho!
So what! They are not me!
Holding everything inside
Only showing happiness.
Just because the outside doesnt show worry, pain, anger, hurt
Doesnt mean its not there.
All you can see is this happy person
So do u question if there is anything wrong?

No you dont
You know y?
Because your afraid of the answer!
Your afraid of the pain the tears the feelings
If your not prepared to take all that on
Dont bother asking! Its nice its polite
I know that there is nothing you can do
I know its all my fault
Im the screwed up one! But thats not what i need to hear from anyone!

So full of anger and hate
No where to aim toward
No one worth losing to put it on!
Cant dance!
Passion so strong to just move with a small beat
The wind the air just cars passing by!
Any rhythm to just let it out!


I look outside the window see the water
Think to just be in the middle of it!
To be able to stand on it looking at everyone watching me
Looking amazed that I have such talent!
That would be great until they see closer me!
Failure written all over my body my face my clothes

Then they point and gasp
I run run run fast.
To a place in the words were i can walk get lost and look at the creaters
Making life look so easy!
Family Friends Food Fun
They have it all!

Ive got Food!

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Posted on 06:06PM on Jan 30th, 2013
Wow! Not often I come here and read something as heartfelt and powerful as that. You won't put your anger and hate on anyone because at the end of the day you are a nice person and no way a failure. You are a mother and thats one of the most amazing successes anyone will ever find.
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